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“Inspire on a daily basis, to highlight femininity and enhance the boldness that dresses each one of us”.

Marcelle Dormoy

Portrait of Marcelle Dormoy by Marie Laurencin, Paris 1937

Portrait of Marcelle Dormoy by Marie Laurencin, Paris 1937

Marcelle Dormoy, a signature for a sincere and daring attitude.

Marcelle Dormoy inspires today's woman with an open look at the world. She engages everyone to live with audacity and in an exploration of one’s abilities. Multiply the sensations, live fully the meaning of your life, undertake and enjoy the beauty that surrounds us ... it's the signature Dormoy!

The collection of perfumes by Marcelle Dormoy illustrates the multiplicity of facets of a feminine assumed and enthusiastic. Subtle, unprecedented, each fragrance is designed to represent a new timeless expression and affirmation of self.

Entrepreneur, influenceur, bold and creative.

Marcelle Dormoy, an avant-garde woman, fulfilled through the many experiences she undertook, struggled on a daily basis to prove that a woman can and must have the ambition to be realized.

Brave conventions and get inspired by the times ...

Marcelle Dormoy began her career as a model. She works with Paul Poiret and very quickly, her creative inventiveness distinguishes her. She opts for independence, and builds her own couture brand.

In 1927, the haute-couture maison Marcelle Dormoy was born in the 8th arrondissement of Paris, with a timeless vision and a style designed to promote all facets of femininity.

The success of the designer is immediate. Marcelle joins the renowned and influential Association of Haute Couture Paris alongside Chanel, Balenciaga or Lanvin. She has fun, dresses the actors and actresses most in sight, and launches an incredible collection of perfumes.

Incontournable in Paris, she frequents the intellectual and artistic elite. She influences thousands of women with her elegant, bold and assertive style.

Evening gown, Maison Marcelle Dormoy, Palais Galliera, Paris 1948

Evening gown, Maison Marcelle Dormoy, Palais Galliera, Paris 1948