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EN - Interview d'Alice


Tell us about the facets of your life !


My name is Alice, I am a freelance graphic designer, I have 2 boys. I started a year ago a training in marital and family counselling aside to my job. I also do yoga, I play piano, and I sing in an Armenian choir. I do not understand much about Armenian, but it's so beautiful!


‘‘I want to try. I do not know what it will lead to. We'll see.’’


Can you tell us about your background ?
Originally, I had two very different desires at the time I graduated. It was necessary to choose between an artistic profession and an orientation towards psychology.

I chose graphics, and I have been doing this job for almost fifteen years now. I animated a small group of parents' words about education a few years ago and little by little, I did trainings on parenting, the couple, the dialogue. It animates me, it's exciting to see the bonds that form in a family.

And one day, I had a click. I said to myself "I want to try, I do not know what it will lead to". I have an extraordinary chance to do both: I'm a graphic designer and I still love my job, and next to my training feeds me. If I can do something about it, that would be great, but for the moment, I live it day by day, and it's great. No pressure !


‘I do not think I'm idealistic. I am very realistic, because it is really possible to love yourself better!’’


Was there a click that made you say "This time, I start?"


In addition to short courses that I followed curiosity (Enneagram, Faber and Mazlish Workshops ...), I read a lot of books about the family and the couple. I was attentive to all meetings and then I provoked some.

One day, there was THE meeting: a certainty when I spoke with this woman. I thought, "That's exactly what I want to do and I think I can do it." Speaking of her job, she touched me in her simplicity and humility.

A marriage counselor is someone who helps to recreate a dialogue between people who want to love or love each other better. They work the relationship. A couple is built and you have to learn to communicate in a rich and lively way.

A marriage counselor is there to help put words on our worries and our suffering, and sometimes we find something sweet to live. It's wonderful to be able to help others one day. I do not think I'm idealistic. I am very realistic because it is really possible to love yourself better!


‘‘ I am not looking for perfection. I am looking for balance .’’


What is your ambition ?

My ambition is to touch all my desires. I want to explore all facets of my personality, all my desires, all things that interest me or intrigue me. It's a chance to have fun and enjoy every day of what we do!

What is your definition of audacity ?

This word can be scary. For me, it's going beyond me; it's different from courage. It is satisfying all the desires that I have in me, and having enough confidence in me to go there. And then at worst, I crash.

My daring to me is to find in the depths of me what lives in me, and to surpass myself to get there.

Today, what is your biggest challenge?


It would be to succeed in combining everything, my two jobs, my life as a mother, a wife, a woman, a friend. It's a very big challenge. I know it will get complicated in the years to come. It will be necessary to make choices but I trust myself, they will probably impose themselves, and it will suit me. My key is that I am not looking for perfection. I'm just trying to get it right.