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EN - Interview d'Axelle B


Tell us about all the facets of your life!


My name is Axelle, I'm 45 years old and I created ten years ago the very first renting service of evening dresses in Paris.

And while these ten years, I got married and I had three little girls. And also, I'm a huge fan of dancing!

Can you tell us how you got there?


I graduated from a business school, and I started to work as counselor because I still needed to learn and I did not know which sector to choose. It allowed me to make great trips between different missions!

Then, I chose a job in communication and events, but quickly I a little lacked sense for me.

What makes me move is listening to what I lack.

So I decided to work in the field of business foundations. It was an ideal compromise for me: at the same time because of the meaning, served by the methods and the means of the company. Three exciting years, very rewarding!

But after three years, I felt frustrated again...


‘‘What makes me move is listening to what I lack.



And so ... there happened a click?


In fact, for a question of reorganization I had to leave the Foundation. I had the good CV and the network to continue in this sector but I also knew the risk of arriving at the same frustrations after three years, with the same desire to change, to move.

So I asked myself: “Before, how did I see myself when I grew up?

“And there I realized that it was now that I could undertake!

Was becoming entrepeneur obvious for you?


I have never seen myself as a marketing or communication director of a big box, but at my head of my company, yes! It was obvious.


“So I asked myself: Before, how did I see myself when I grew up? ?!”


What are your challenges today?


Today, the rental market has become democratized, which is a good thing. As a result, new players have entered the market.


We are celebrating this year the tenth anniversary of Mabonneamie, and many things will happen!

Now that the use of renting clothes has become part of women's habits, our project is to develop in the big cities of France, but also abroad.

Last year we worked a lot on our digital tool to allow it to rent and sell.

We are deploying it for our customers, but also for the brands themselves, who are now interested in renting, so that Mabonneamie really becomes the referential rental platform.

This is the big challenge of the coming years!

What are your personal boosters ?


First, freedom!

And this freedom, I took good advantage because I could have three little girls while leading this adventure.

All my salaried friends found it very difficult to juggle work and their children, and I confess that I found it almost easy ... I could organize my time freely, go for a doctor when needed? No more border between weekend and week.

But it allowed me to be there for both my company and my family.

This freedom is a real driving force!

Before, in my salaried jobs, sometimes I did not have the impression of producing a real personal added value. Today is the case, and seeing that each action can produce an immediate result is a real booster to move forward each day.


“Self-confidence is listening to yourself, following your intuition”


What is your conception of audacity ?

Audacity is to be unafraid, to start, to go for it. Sometimes you face a wall, but still you go!

You have to trust yourself. Often women miss self-confidence.

Or their ambition is denigrated, people say women have too much ego.

In fact, self-confidence comes from following one's intuition.

And women are so intuitive!

So we must listen!

Women are less afraid of failure.

Even when it is not reasonable.

As a child, I had a bigger idea of myself, and this idea remains rooted in me. I dreamed a lot, and imagined what I would do when I grew up. And that idea remains in me.

All my desires, I intend to achieve them!

Potentially, I will be able to do something very different in ten years, because novelty stimulates me!


“Women are less afraid of failure.”


Finally, what is your ambition?


I would like to continue to tell me that I listened to the teenager that I was, and all her dreams. And that I will continue to realize them!

They all hold on to entrepreneurship, but in a wide variety of sectors.

And I would like to show my daughters that we can be multiple. We can change, reinvent ourselves, it is the richness of life!

Tell us about your fragrance and yourself...


As the garment can lend itself, and agree to the personality of each, as the perfume is very intimate. I put it on the skin directly, on the pulse points.

My perfume accompanies me so much that I do not feel it, but it defines me.

I am very loyal to my perfume. I'm recognized by my perfume and I like it.

When the perfume becomes too familiar, I change.

My perfume must be unique

I wore chanel Chance for years, and stopped because I met too many people wearing it.

I like the idea of being one of the very few to have it.