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EN - Interview de Bérengère


Tell us about the different facets of your life !
I am 30 years old and I work as a construction project manager for a chain of hotels. I am the guarantor of the quality, the time and the budget of the new hotels, and I coordinate all the teams that participate in these big projects.

But I am also passionate about polar kayaking / DIY expert / urban farmer / cyclist and yogi!


‘‘I am attracted by too many things to concentrate on only one project at a time!’’


Tell us about your projects.


I can not be satisfied with one project at a time.

I love my job, and I'm very lucky because it feeds me a lot, but it does not fulfill all my interests and curiosities.

I am attracted by too many things to realize only one project at a time!

What I like and who makes me move forward is sharing with others.

For example, with my sisters, we launched an urban agriculture start-up in parallel with our jobs. Saffron is grown on the rooftops of Paris! We are all four complementary, that's what makes this experience so rich! And we love to put our hands in the ground, it balances our city life a little uprooted ...


‘‘I need to be in tune with what is deep inside me to make my decisions.’’


What are your personal boosters that help moving forward in your projects?


I need to be in tune with what is deep inside me to make my decisions. So, I never regret ...

To make a decision, I only listen to myself. The hard part is knowing how to really listen to me.

I believe that one should not look for the right decision, the most rational, but the best decision for oneself.

What is your definition of daring?


Trust our intuition. When you feel it, you have to go.

For my first job, I had no qualifications or experience. We do not need to have all the equipment to start. It is very rewarding to get out of your comfort zone and to embark on projects for which you do not feel a priori capable. If you really want to succeed, it can work.

Put yourself in danger, it makes you move forward.


"I really think everything is possible."


Today, what is your biggest challenge ?
My next challenge : take a motorcycle driving license before the end of the year !

In the midst of this effervescence, how do manage to remain feminin?


In my daily business, femininity is a sensitive subject because I am often on construction sites. It's a very masculine environment. The more I play with seduction, the more I lose credibility ... And that's certainly not the way I want to succeed or to found professional relationships.

However, I will not disguise as a boy! I must be respected as a woman! It's a question of balance ...

But perfume, I wear it on any occasion! It is my refuge that makes me feel myself. It's my identity. I hang on there. It represents me.