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EN- Interview d'Axelle N'Ciri


Hi Axelle! Can you tell us about all your activities, that create your “facets” in life?


I am 30 years old and I am a student, an entrepreneur in health market, a community manager, a project manager, I am also passionate about dancing ... and swimming!

What was your click to start?


I led a hectic and very stressful life. I was supported by a doctor who one day put me face to face with my life.

She told me: "Either we see each other in consultation very regularly, or you change your life". I laughed a lot ! It's incongruous for a doctor to prescribe to change your life!

And six months later, I had listened and chose to change my life!


‘‘My motivation is my strength.’’


What are your boosters to keep on and go on with your ambitions?


Once or twice a week, i do sports. Only dancing is making me stop thinking.

And every quarter, I plan a great trip to unknown lands.

I only destress when I stop thinking.

What is your definition of audacity?


In a few words, I come from a priority education zone and a modest environment. But I have always wanted to undertake.

A teacher once told me about prep class and graduate studies when I did not even know what it was.!!

I started my career at L'Oréal, then I found a job abroad at Carrefour, where I stayed for two years.

Finally, I came back to France to work in a pharma lab.

Until I decide to drop everything to get started.


Audacity is to keep faith, even if everything shows the opposite. I never give up, and I run.


‘‘This ambition is bigger than me.’’


Today, which is your biggest challenge ?
My biggest challenge is not to let go; even if everyone tells me that I could be idealist.

What is the sense you give to your projects?


I always have this little star who tells me that I can change the world. The proof is that I succeeder in changing my life while I was not destined to.

And everyone, with their little contribution, can change the world with me.

Which woman known or unknown impresses you?


The woman I would have liked to meet is Gabrielle Chanel.

How incredible was this life she managed to lead ...

I should be able to do a little bit like her about 60 years later! To change the mentalities, to succeed in a mans world, it is necessary in the health field. If she could get past all that, I can do it too!


‘‘My course is a miracle.’’


Creative, entrepreneur, public figure, ... how do you succeed in remaining feminine?


I cultivate my femininity, and especially I love perfume. It's for me like a garment, I can not go out without it. It adds to my femininity, it brings out my character. Mine is fruity, dynamic, happy!

The best compliment I've been given: your perfume is totally you!

What is your ambition?


Making tomorrow even better than yesterday!